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Looking for the best Long Island foreclosure attorney is not difficult to do since there are many lawyer directories online that will give you the information you need. You can study profiles immediately and read feedbacks from satisfied clients. Also, law firms have their own online directories that will provide you a list of experienced counsels – those truly capable of helping you keep your property without resorting to court battles.

Even with the availability of such databases though, you’ll need to do these as you search for a Long Island foreclosure attorney:

  • propertyLook for reputable law firms that have provided exceptional services for a long period of time. They have attorneys that are known to fight zealously for the rights and protection of their clients. Look for a firm that can assist you in your need to learn about the foreclosure process, foreclosure alternatives, and other necessary information you want to know. Law firms that have been winning foreclosure cases or assisting people avoid court battles for decades are always your best choice.
  • Choose a professional and experienced lawyer who has a remarkable record in foreclosure cases. Choose someone whom you think is the most qualified to handle your case. Every foreclosure problem is unique based on the circumstances and facts. Search for information on his profile to find out if he has handled a case like your own. By knowing that he has done it before and succeeded in getting his client’s case dismissed, you’ll be much more confident about your chances if you do hire him.
  • Look for an attorney who is an expert in procedural defenses. There are lenders who intentionally submit misleading documents. An experienced attorney can easily identify documents with false or exaggerated facts. He knows how to challenge the information presented as grounds to foreclose your property. He protects the interest of his client by applying all legal remedies available to deter the action of the bank.
  • Go for a Long Island foreclosure attorney who’s quite popular. One telltale sign of a lawyer’s reliability and reputation is the number of cases he has handled or handling at present. Still, to be sure, you may want to get in touch with former clients to get their opinion.
  • Choose a competent attorney who has mastered the laws and strategies of foreclosure. He must be someone objective and thorough, especially in reviewing all documents you have. Be sure to be honest and explain your situation clearly so he will know how to help you.
  • Finally, look for a lawyer who makes you feel relaxed and positive while discussing your situation with him. Character is important because you will be working with him in one of the most depressing moments of your life. You need someone strong but understanding.

If you receive a foreclosure summon from your bank, do not panic but immediately seek legal help. Act quickly because your time is limited. You will only have 20 to 30 days to file a petition to stop the action in court.

So, what have you learned so far? By now, you should know that a good lawyer can delay the proceedings through legal measures, giving you time to look for possible funds to pay your arrears. He will carefully assess your loan documents and explain hidden clauses that the lender can use against you. He also knows how to counteract those clauses and he’s capable of discussing the best strategies in solving your dilemma.

All in all, a Long Island foreclosure attorney knows that there are many ways to save your home aside from filing for bankruptcy.