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Everyone can see a lot of people walking along the streets with their identification badges. This has been almost an ordinary scene in our mundane lives, but have you ever thought of the idea behind this seemingly normal habit of wearing ID badges? Below are some of the few reasons behind it.

However, before we go directly to that topic, we must first define what ID badges and badge lanyards are. Identification badges or ID badges are simple holder devices that are commonly made up of plastic. They are mostly rectangular in shape to accommodate the regular-sized corporate or academic ID cards. Their dimensions usually measure 2 to 2.5 inches in width and 3 to 3.5 inches in length. These ID badges are displayed by people using lanyards or badge clips for comfort and less hassle from taking the cards out of their wallets, pockets, or bags.

Badge lanyards, on the other hand, are simple necklace-type devices that are commonly made up of braided or woven fabric. When worn, the common length of lanyards (measured from the nape to the ID badge) is 12 to 15 inches. There are five types of lanyards that we typically see. These are polyester lanyards (the most popular type), tubular lanyards (shoestring style lanyard), woven lanyards (with woven logos and text), nylon lanyard (made from shiny and quality material), and dye sub lanyards (features full color and even photos). At the end of each lanyard is a clip or a click-lock mechanism/hook that can be used to hold plastic pouch/badge holders, or even keys, USB flash drives, and other light trinkets/accessories.

lanyardsNow that we have clearly defined ID badges and badge lanyards, we can now proceed to the various reasons of using them. The first reason is identification. Lanyards are most commonly used to display identification cards and badges in schools, companies, businesses, and organizations. They are also used in different events such as conventions, camps, trade fairs, reunions, and corporate gatherings in order to facilitate easier and faster identification of participants and facilitators/organizers. They are highly functional in such cases because they can enable the attendees to have quicker connections and introductions with each other. We can see here that aside from the practical reason of identification, lanyards also assist the wearers in social interaction.

The second reason is safety and access. When people are easily recognized, it is easier for security persons to identify the roles of the numerous individuals they see. For example: who the employees are and who the guests are inside a building or a particular space. With this, it is easier to block off possible threats or risks, especially in large corporations or gatherings/events. Lanyard wearers, on the hand, are offered easier access to rooms or particular venues because they can easily display their roles in such circumstances.

The third reason is branding and marketing strategies. Most of the time, large corporations and popular brands want to be immediately identified through their logos or even colors. This instant recognition enables them to create customer recall and efficiently market their services or products. What company would not want to establish a solid reputation and branding? That is the reason why they use badge lanyards that display their logos and even contact numbers. Aside from the functional use of holding the ID cards of the employees, lanyards also function as small advertising spaces that can possibly help boost the sales. Because who knows? Employees may encounter possible clients in unexpected times.

The fourth reason is uniform. Large companies usually value the right of their employees to wear what they want in office space environments. It is usually costly to provide the money for all the uniforms of their employees. It is also disadvantageous and financially unfair for the employees to shoulder the cost of their own uniforms.

Badge lanyards are great solutions for companies to create a standard identification of employees in a low cost, while at the same time giving them freedom to decide what to wear to work. This solution gives the employees great flexibility while helping the organization save money.

The fifth reason is expression. Everyone needs to express their creativity and unique identity. Lanyards can be a person’s medium of expression. We, at WholesaleLanyards, can help with free artwork and design and free color matching to suit the creative needs and demands of every person or company. Aside from the practical uses of lanyards, a person can also express his or her individuality by using his or her own designs and creative expressions and show it in the streets and to the world.

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