How to Plant Flower Beds That Are Wonderful!

We love great garden motivation. And we love flowers. Put ’em together, and you have wonderful flower beds, prepared to make you go to the nursery or pull out those catalogs! So drool over these photos, take some tips from style pros, and start finding out how to plant flower beds!

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Wonderful Flower Beds!


In this flower garden from ‘HGTV’, you can see that while the plants themselves seem a home garden assortment, this is actually a more formal garden design. Why? The tough lines of the hardscaping and the duplicating pants within the bed are your clues. Just remember this if you have a garden you wish to add a little “properness” too!

pixel2013 / Pixabay

Need some spring flower bed motivation? These two inspriational photos have plenty of tulips. This first one utilized a complimentary color scheme of blue and yellow, for a more calming and very little feel.

fantasical flower beds 4.

Hans / Pixabay

For a bit more energy, use warmer colors mixed with some perennials for your flower beds. The plants will fill out as the tulips fade to cover and sidetrack from the browning foliage.

fantasical flower beds 3.

Hans / Pixabay

Have bushes or evergreen structure plantings that are simply boring? Add intense and delighted colors in front of the shrub bed to develop some great energy! Keep the texture of the flower bed in contrast to the foliage. For instance, in this photo, the daylilies have strappy, coarse foliage and are contrasted perfectly with fine textured, small flowers. This keeps things fascinating!

fantasical flower beds 2.

These traditional style flower beds from ‘Houzz’ reveal us that when using a lot of bright color, a pop of white will keep things grounded. Green will achieve the exact same thing.

This informal flower bed from ‘BHG’ is a terrific example of using layers in your plantings … You see more plant and height in the back, working forward to much shorter and brighter flowers. This is terrific design method when discovering how to plant flower beds. I love the curved shape of this garden, it offers it a casual feel.

MabelAmber / Pixabay

Now a couple from Pinterest … If anybody knows the source of these pictures, please let us understand!

This first Pinterest choice is a terrific example of utilizing a color style, and it’s my fav! Blues and pinks are a romantic and still vibrant choice … If you want to tone it down, include white or grey!

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Another remarkable example of that color design, however this “River” of grape hyacinths from Pinterest is a show stopper! It wouldn’t be the same without the pink and white tulips. They visually slow you down, and add a little punch, however do not eliminate from the mass of blue!

Capri23auto / Pixabay

Ok, leaving the most great for last … This is Chrissie D’Esopo’s garden, courtesy the ‘Connecticut Horticultural Society’, picture by Steve Silk. She opened her house up for a garden tour for charity, and it is AMAZING. Have you ever seen such a vibrant and uplifting garden? Absolutely nothing more to say about this flower bed, but WOW!

Pexels / Pixabay

Now that you have discovered how to plant flower beds that are incredible, are you running for the cars and truck, complete with gardening gloves so you can fill up as quickly as you get to the nursery? I ‘d like to inform you to slow down, take your time and think your flower beds through … however I’m already out the door.:-RRB- When you return, make certain you check out our posts on How to Grow English Roses, and Classic Yard Edging Ideas!

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